Annual Fiestas and Festivals in Palawan

From fiestas to festivals, Palawan is the place to see and do everything. And many of the Islands’ biggest events recur annually, offering a chance to experience them again and again, year after year. Whether you’re planning a visit next week or next year, the calendar below will help you determine which of Palawan’s annual events will be occurring during your stay—along with more information on what each one is all about.



Tarek Festival
3rd Week of January
Aborlan Town Proper
This lively festival is observed by the indigenous Tagbanuas and Batak peoples. Ritualistic dances are the main event, and great emphasis is placed on local priests who attempt to commune directly with local deities during the events. For the Tagbanuas, it is a dance ritual comprising the observance of the Pagdiwata. For the Batak tribe, it is a form of war dance.

23rd – 24th of January
Port Barton, San Vicente
Araweden is a Cuyuno word for “holding together”. The festival is a celebration of cultural events and exposition of their tourist attractions. There are an array of activities that gathers the community for fun and fellowship.




Love Affair with Nature (Mangrove Reforestation)
14th of February
Puerto Princesa City
Puerto Princesa City’s expression of love for Mother Nature is celebrated the extraordinary way. The yearly celebration features a mangrove planting festivity in the coastal zones to restore degraded mangrove areas. The event heightens awareness on the ecological role of mangroves and other coastal ecosystems in the vital web of life. Environmental quiz bees, film showing, band concert and beach games liven up the event.



Balayong Festival (Puerto Princesa Foundation Day)
4th of March
Puerto Princesa City
The festival commemorates the founding anniversary of the City of Puerto Princesa highlighted by balayong tree-planting, street dancing and colorful floral parade depicting the Palawan Cherry Blossoms from which the festival derived its name. A merry mixture of socio-civic, cultural, historical, and sports activities are part of the run events. At the ‘Tabuan’ parade (tabuan means ‘marketplace’), farmers fisherfolks, market vendors, traders and buyers showcase the region’s agricultural prowess with a series of markets dealing in produce and fresh-caught seafood. The week-long celebration culminates with the awarding ceremonies for outstanding accomplishments by notable Puerto Princesans and the crowning of Ms. Puerto Princesa.

Kulambo Festival
15th – 18th of March
El Nido
It is an annual celebration of townsfolk dressing themselves in Kulambo (mosquito net) as they parade around the town

Kaniyogan Festival (Narra Town Fiesta and Brooke’s Point Town Fiesta)
19th of March
Narra & Brooke’s Point
“Kaniyogan” or coconut plantations abound in this towns and has become an important means of sustenance for its people. The festival aims to promote the diverse products derived from the “tree of life.” The celebration also features trade fairs, cultural and contemporary shows, sports activities and a beauty and brains pageant.




San Vicente Town Fiesta
1st – 5th of April
San Vicente

Pangalipay sa Baybay
1st week of April
Baywalk, Puerto Princesa City
A summer extravaganza celebrated at the bay walk area, along the shores of beautiful Puerto Princesa Bay. A whole range of activities kicks off with a parade and an impressive fireworks display. Daily coastal clean-ups reward participants with recreational sports activities to enjoy. A street dance exhibition, cheer dance and summer danceslam competitions are in the line-up of fun-filled activities. Singing contests, beach and swim wear modeling competitions, and concerts cap the exuberant celebrations.

Kamarikutan Pagdiwata Arts Festival
April Full Moon
Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri, Puerto Princesa City
Held during the week of the full moon in the month of April. The Pagdiwata Arts Festival features varied week-long workshops in the different arts, painting in different media, sculpture, music, dance and film.  Art exhibits, art forums, and film showing fill the afternoon, with stage performances and concerts in the evenings.  The festival takes inspiration from the Tagbanua’s Pagdiwata ritual of the thanksgiving – a thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest of creativity.  It is hosted by Kamarikutan Kape Galeri as a way of sharing the sublimity of the arts with the community.

Seafood Festival
3rd week of April
Puerto Princesa City
A celebration of the bounties of the seas, this gastronomic festival offers a taste of seafood specialties Palawan is known for. Puerto Princesa restaurants prepare a mixture of authentic Palawan seafood cuisine and delicacies, as well as other contemporary seafood-filled culinary delights in the region. The food festival is enjoyed with cultural shows and bundles of giveaways.




Karagatan Festival
1st week of May
Celebrated during the month of the ocean, the festival demonstrates the synergy of man with the vast seas and the ocean. Held every year in the fabulous beaches of the City’s west coast, the four-day event include a coastal clean-up, boat-sailing, kite-flying, banca race, tug-o-war, beach volleyball and football, sand sculpture, mountain to sea trekking, mountain bike race, film showing, a grand beach party and concert, and capped by a Weskini bikini open.

Pasinggatan Festival
1st – 4th of May
Comes from the word “singagat” meaning to shine or luster. It is a festival of events brings out the best in people, from their talents to their personalities.

Panalaminan Festival
1st – 15th of May
Commemorates the foundation of the municipality and coincides with the town fiesta. Panalaminan Festival mirrors the beautiful and bountiful convergence of eco-tourism in Northern Palawan. Roxas is also noted for silica, a mineral used in glassmaking.

Kalugta’n Arts Festival (or Earth Arts Festival)
El Nido
Philippines’ way of celebrating Earth Day through Coastal, Canal and Limestone Cliff Trail clean-ups. Community leaders and residents will be participating in these events. Even the guests in town are encouraged to join in the effort.

Batarza Town Fiesta
13th of May

Rizal Town Fiesta
13th of May

Manunggul Festival
15th of May
An annual celebration to foster and promote unity among the town folks.




Kalabukay Festival
14th – 18th of June
Celebration of the founding anniversary of the municipality of Dumaran. Kalabukay is the Cuyono word for Philippine Cockatoo or “katala,” an endangered bird specie found only in the country, most of which are in Palawan. The festival is one form of promoting the conservation of the forests of Dumaran where one of the last remaining populations of Kalabukay or “katala” dwells.

Malagnang Festival
21st of June
San Vicente
Municipal Foundation Day celebration. Malagnang is a Cuyono word meaning muddy, referring to the murky soil of the town. The festival offers a glimpse of history and celebration of unrivaled ingenuity. Festival highlights are the Saraotan sa Kalugmukan or Sayawan sa Putikan (mud dancing), mud wrestling and clay sculpture-making.

Baragatan Festival
3rd week of June
This festival is the BIGGEST celebration in Palawan. Dubbed as BARAGATAN, from Cuyano word “beggar” which means a convergence of people coming together from various municipalities bringing their songs, dances and music and present all these aspect of life through cultural presentation, trade shows, exhibitions, float parade and street dancing.

Feast of the Forest
3rd week of June
Puerto Princesa City
A festive reforestation activity where citizens of Puerto Princesa City celebrate a Feast of the Forest, by planting thousands of different tree species in the city’s denuded forest zones. Related activities are eco-camping, games and contests, and performances by environmental artists. Celebrated annually at the onset of the rainy season, it is the people’s collective performance of its environmental duties of giving back something to Mother Earth. Tourists and other visitors are encouraged to participate.

Pista ng Dalampasigan
24th of June
Sofronio Espanola
Coastal clean up and mangrove reforestation

Agutaya Town Fiesta
24th of June




Kasadyaan Festival
28th of August
Thanksgiving celebration for all blessings received in honor of its patron saint, San Agustin. It is expressed through cultural presentations, sports events and other activities.

Purongitan Festival
Certainly the most unique festival held in Palawan, Soot-covered revelers perform the Ati street dance to frenzied drumbeats while shouting Viva San Agustin in this festive celebration which coincides with the feast of the town’s patron saint, San Agustin. There are many compelling and picturesque moments during this festival.

Taytay Town Fiesta
27th of August

28th of August
Feast in honor of the Parochial Patron, San Agustin




Cagayancillo Town Fiesta
10th of September

Passini Kat Aborlan
28th of September to 1st of October
A socio-cultural celebration of the feast of patron St. Therese of the Child Jesus

Pangalipay Festival (Patron San Miguel)
29th of September

Linapacan Town Fiesta
29th of September




Dumaran Town Fiesta
1st of October

El Nido Town Fiesta
4th of October
El Nido

Malampaya Festival
8th – 12th of October
A festival where Taytaynon’s pay homage and give thanks to the sea for the abundant catch of the year.

Anihan Festival (Palay Festival)
Last Week of October
A socio-cultural celebration showcasing sights of Narra. The festival culminates with activities of Farm Family Month Celebration.




Light a Tree Festival
Puerto Princesa
As the holiday season draws closer, Mendoza Park in Puerto Princesa city begins its seasonal transformation. Workers set up decorations and install a giant Christmas tree. The official lighting of the tree takes place on the 1st of December, after preparations are complete.




Kulambo Festival
1st week December
El Nido
A mosquito net festival to drum up the campaign to eradicate malaria, participants parade around the town dressed up in outfits made out of “kulambo” or mosquito nets.

Mayor Hagedorn lighting the giant Christmas tree and City Fiesta
8th of December
Puerto Princesa celebrates its Fiesta on the 8th December, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Fiesta activities begin during the first week of December with the series of religious activities. The celebrations extends towards the Christmas season laced with nightly cultural presentation, yuletide activities topped by the lighting of the giant Christmas tree and fireworks, as well as ago-industrial, tourism and food fairs. The combined month-long activity is dubbed as “Pista Na, Pasko Pa”.

Pagdiwata Ritual Festival
Full Moon December
This event takes place during December’s full moon cycle and features a number of traditional rituals that predate the coming of Christianity. Rites are intended to appease local spirits, especially those associated with personal health and harvests. During this time, locals celebrate by planting symbolic crops and organising traditional hunts. Religious dances take place, during which time the priest gets possessed by local spirits.

Christmas in Palawan
beginning on the 15th of December
Palawan’s Christmas-time activities are held primarily in Puerto Princesa beginning on 15th December. Yuletide events include parades, the singing of Christmas carols and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. These ongoing celebrations are collectively known as Paskuhan, and the domestic airways can become quite busy as Filipino’s travel home to spend time with their families.

Balabac Town Fiesta
8th of December

Culion Town Fiesta
8th of December

Quezon Town Fiesta
8th of December

Araceli Town Fiesta
11th of December

Busuanga Town Fiesta
16th of December

Paskuhan sa Kapitolyo
Month of December
Capitol Grounds, Puerto Princesa City
Initiated by the Provincial Government., it consists of various activities in joyful anticipation of the birth of the Savior on Christmas Day and His second coming. Paskuhan ends with the New Year countdown and fireworks display at the Provincial Capitol, Capitol Grounds, Puerto Princesa City. The major attraction of the Paskuhan is the giant Christmas animated display at the Capitol Park Square depicting different themes revolving around the yuletide season

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